The Human Evolution Issue

An anthology of stories published in Popular Archaeology about recent discoveries in human evolution

Article Contents (Click on each title below to read the article):

Rewriting Human Evolution

Scientists are discovering that the primeval path our ancestors took to becoming human is far more complex than we ever thought.

Sterkfontein: A History of Evolution in the Cradle of Humanity

Old and new finds come together to deepen the record of human evolution at the famous South African cave system.

Laetoli: The Unfolding Story

Recent 3.66-million-year-old footprint finds at the iconic hominin site of Laetoli may be changing what we know about an ancient human ancestor.

The New Kid on the Block

Could this be the face of an early human ancestor?

Rising Star: New Answers, New Questions

Is Africa’s largest trove of early human remains shedding game-changing light on human origins, or muddying the water?

Human Evolution’s Dustiest Jewel

Swartkrans Cave reveals important clues to understanding human evolution.

Straddling the Evolutionary Divide

Two remarkable sites are shedding light on a critical transitional period in human evolution.

The North Side Story

In the high plateaus of eastern Algeria, some of the earliest evidence for human stone tool-making is emerging.

Technology One

Scientists are on the trail of discovering the earliest stone tools made by human ancestors in Africa.


New findings and new implications for understanding human evolution.

The Hard Stuff of Culture: Oldowan Archaeology at Kanjera South, Kenya

Discoveries in southwestern Kenya by pioneering scientists are now opening new windows on humankind’s earliest stone tool industry and expanding our understanding of early human behavior and the evolutionary past.

Decoding Human Prehistory

How genetics is revolutionizing what we know about human evolution and our prehistoric past.

Footprints in the Silt

The startling discovery of million-year-old human footprints on a beach in the United Kingdom has scientists jumping.

Rewriting Prehistory at Stélida

Archaeologists are digging up new clues about ancient toolmakers who quarried on an island hill in the Aegean Sea 200,000 years ago.

Not Quite Neanderthal

Scientists are redrawing the picture of human evolution in Western Europe.

The Road Through Sicevo

Excavations in Serbia have raised questions about early humans in Pleistocene period Europe.

One Small Arabian Finger Bone

A rare Pleistocene human fossil find in Saudi Arabia has global implications for human prehistory.

The First Siberians

Denisova Cave has yielded remarkable new implications and new questions about early humans in Asia.

Return to Shanidar

Scientists are opening a new chapter on Neanderthals at the famous Shanidar Cave near the northern edge of Iraq.

The Last Neanderthals

Where and how did the Neanderthals journey into extinction?

The Mystery of Flores

Findings from the remarkable hominin remains found on the Island of Flores continue to pique the interest of the scientific world.

On the Threshold of Modern Humanity

The remarkable discovery that may dramatically change what we know about the origin of modern humans.

The Mystery of Red Deer Cave

New insights emerge about the enigmatic archaic human remains found in a Chinese cave.

The First Arabians

Pioneering scientists relate how they are uncovering increasing evidence of a significant human presence on the Arabian Peninsula as much as 100,000+ years ago.

Where Hominins Became Human

Coastal cave systems in South Africa could hold keys to unraveling the mystery about when and where modern humans were born.

Pushing the Prehistoric Fringe

A recently examined mammoth tells a story of a human presence in the Arctic 45,000 years ago.