Adopt a Site

Popular Archaeology promotes and supports worldwide efforts to preserve and protect the world’s archaeological and cultural heritage. To that end, the magazine has established an ongoing promotional campaign designed to publicize and facilitate the activities of a variety of institutions and programs centered on conserving and protecting specific sites that are in imminent danger of destruction by land-clearing and urban/agricultural development, looting, human conflict and adverse effects of the natural environment. The magazine does this through publication of news releases and fund-raising campaigns, and more specifically, a program called “Adopt-a-Site”, wherein interested members of the general public are provided a mechanism to donate funds to specific archaeological sites and excavations. Much of the funding is used to purchase the sites from the landowners, capitalizing on the concept that the best way to protect and preserve them is to purchase them. 

Currently, Popular Archaeology is facilitating the efforts of the Maya Research Program to focus on the following sites:

  • Grey Fox, an ancient Maya center in northern Belize that is threatened by agricultural activities. This site is located on the edge of a 500 sq. km., low-lying un-impacted forest area known as the Bajo Alcranes. The site contains two large public plazas, each about 100 x 100 meters in size, dominated by a large eastern pyramid and large royal elite residences and viewing galleries, and, adjacent to the plazas, a probable ballcourt. The area in which the site is located is also home to a large concentration of monkeys, tropical birds, and other wildlife, as well as trees and plant-life that help to make up the important biosphere of the area. In 2011 MRP purchased 90 acres to acquire and protect the site core, and recently acquired 35 more acres, which encompass the elite residences associated with the site core. But MRP has taken a loan to purchase this additional 35 acres, and they now hope to fund-raise 10K from the public for this settlement zone land acquisition.
  • Nojol Nah, like Grey Fox, this is an ancient Maya center in northern Belize that is threatened by agricultural activities. This includes its outlying component of Tulix Mul. Click here for additional information about this site. Funding for this site will be applied toward the purchase of the property. A donation of $100 will help buy a quarter of an acre. A donation of $400 will help buy an entire acre. The project’s current goal is to purchase 100 acres (about $40,000) to secure this site and related sites for continuing research, conservation, and protection. To become a site sponsor, you may donate by clicking here, or click on the donate button below.



What Site Sponsors Get in Return

  • A life-long free premium subscription to Popular Archaeology Magazine. To get this, notify us at [email protected] to let us know that you have donated to Nojol Nah.  We can then provide you with instructions on signing up for the free premium subscription.
  • A 5 to 10% discount on archaeological tours under the sponsorship of the organization or program to which you have donated to adopt a site (a 5% discount for a $200 – $399 donation and a 10% discount for $400 or more). The receiving organization will provide information to you regarding the process for claiming the discount when/if you register for a tour. 
  • Periodic newsletters from the Maya Research Program, which will include progress and developments related to your adopted site. 
  • Tax deductible treatment on your donation, (As applicable law provides — currently in the U.S., these donations are considered tax deductible).