The Ten Tombs

A renowned scholar shares his perspective and research on fascinating tombs and finds bearing on the historical Jesus and his times.

Walking in the Shadow of Vesuvius

A Pictorial Review: Andante Travels treats its guests to a distinctive exploration of the spectacular and opulent playgrounds of ancient Rome’s rich and famous.

Invisible Beauty

A new exhibit explores aesthetics and scale In everyday objects of the past at the Penn Museum.

When Rome Burned

Through historical records and archaeology, author Anthony Barrett relates a detailed accounting of the Great Fire of Rome and how it profoundly changed the empire’s history.

The Herculaneum Papyri

What do the Herculaneum scrolls have to do with the decipherment of the iconic Rosetta Stone, key to unlocking Egyptian hieroglyphs? These authors explain.

African Treasure

Priceless artifacts from Africa tell a story of culture and colonialism.

Becoming a Scribe

On Aspects of Education and Apprenticeship in Ancient Mesopotamia

A New Home for a Sphinx

The move of the massive Sphinx of Ramses II to its new home is one of many changes coming to the Penn Museum in the Fall of 2019.

Nefertari’s Tomb

The ancient Egyptian tomb of this queen easily rivals those of any of the great pharaohs — even that of her husband, Ramesses the Great.

The Siege of Masada

The history and the archaeology behind the famous Roman siege of the Jewish rebels at the mountaintop fortress of Masada.

Hidden Majesty: The Lost Grave of Richard III

Writing for young readers, author Laura Scandiffio relates the detailed story about the remarkable burial discovery of King Richard III and what it says about the real king, beyond...
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