The Death Chambers of Herculaneum

Scientists have teased a horrific story from the remains of the ill-fated inhabitants of a once opulent and thriving seaside city of the Roman Empire.

Caral, America’s Oldest City

Before the pyramids of Egypt and the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia, an ancient monumental civilization arose with massive pyramids near the north-central coast of Peru in South America.

100 Years of Knowing Tut

Scholars present their latest findings and views in the ongoing discovery of ancient Egypt’s famous boy king.

Mysteries in Stone

A Report: Monumental structures in Oman attest to a forgotten people.

Modeling Ancient Maya Landscapes

How LiDAR technology and traditional knowledge are converging to reveal the extent and complexity of ancient Maya settlement at El Pilar.

Heritage at Risk

Global warming challenges archaeologists to race to document and preserve at-risk heritage sites in the southeastern U.S. before they disappear forever.

The Mystery of the Tumuli

Over 400 mounds on New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific may mark a human presence predating the current earliest generally accepted dates by thousands of years.

Using LiDAR at El Pilar

Well before the recent media reports about the amazing discoveries of ancient Maya remains in Guatemala using laser technology, another team of pioneering scientists had already made equivalent discoveries...

Go Now to Shiloh

Archaeologists are beginning to shed renewed light on an ancient site -- where, according to the biblical account, the tabernacle for the Ark of the Covenant may have once...
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