Caral, America’s Oldest City

Before the pyramids of Egypt and the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia, an ancient monumental civilization arose with massive pyramids near the north-central coast of Peru in South America.

The Priestess of Chornancap

Excavations at a site in northern Peru have revealed information about a powerful ancient priestess and the community in which she lived and practiced.

Lost Worlds of Arabia

Scientists have unearthed a wealth of new evidence, revealing thousands of years of pre-Islamic human habitation and civilization in a seemingly unforgivable desert land.

Footprints in Time

Popular Archaeology Anthology: Fossilized human footprints are helping scientists rewrite human prehistory.

The Death Chambers of Herculaneum

Scientists have teased a horrific story from the remains of the ill-fated inhabitants of a once opulent and thriving seaside city of the Roman Empire.

Digging on the Dark Side

A Pictorial: Unbeknownst to most, archaeologists are revealing a sensational find on what has been penned the ‘dark side’ of Mount Vesuvius in Italy.

Easter Island: What Happened!

The demise of Easter Island's native civilization involved more than destruction of an isolated environment's fragile ecosystem.

Mysteries in Stone

A Report: Monumental structures in Oman attest to a forgotten people.

Celebrating more than a Decade

Now, the entire set of Popular Archaeology Magazine’s top 10 best stories are free for everyone. Read them here.

Revelation on a Train

A scholar relates the story and implications of her remarkable discovery of fragments of a long-lost ancient Greek epic poem.

Trackways of Otero

The latest unequivocal evidence of a human presence more than 20,000 years ago in present-day New Mexico may confirm a changing paradigm on the early settling of the Americas....
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