Laetoli 2: The Unfolding Story

A NEW UPDATE: 3.66-million-year-old footprint finds at the iconic hominin site of Laetoli may be changing what we know about ancient human-related ancestors.

The Update: Trackways of Otero 2

The latest unequivocal evidence of a human presence more than 20,000 years ago in present-day New Mexico may help confirm a changing paradigm on the early settling of the...

The Forgotten City

This lesser-known ancient Aegean Bronze Age center figured large in the world of its time.

Caral, America’s Oldest City

Before the pyramids of Egypt and the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia, an ancient monumental civilization arose with massive pyramids near the north-central coast of Peru in South America.

The Priestess of Chornancap

Excavations at a site in northern Peru have revealed information about a powerful ancient priestess and the community in which she lived and practiced.

Lost Worlds of Arabia

Scientists have unearthed a wealth of new evidence, revealing thousands of years of pre-Islamic human habitation and civilization in a seemingly unforgivable desert land.

Footprints in Time

Popular Archaeology Anthology: Fossilized human footprints are helping scientists rewrite human prehistory.

The Death Chambers of Herculaneum

Scientists have teased a horrific story from the remains of the ill-fated inhabitants of a once opulent and thriving seaside city of the Roman Empire.

Digging on the Dark Side

A Pictorial: Unbeknownst to most, archaeologists are revealing a sensational find on what has been penned the ‘dark side’ of Mount Vesuvius in Italy.
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