Crossing the Timor

A group of modern seafarers are testing the hypothesis that prehistoric mariners were the ancestors of Oceania’s populations.

The Forgotten Lives of Amarna

Excavations have revealed clues to the lives of the people who may have built the great ancient Egyptian city of Amarna.

Straws that Bind

What do ancient drinking straws say about communal ceremony and civilization?

Making Way for the Old

Should buildings be demolished to reveal more of an ancient Roman circus? A Spanish city near Barcelona debates the issue.


New findings and new implications for understanding human evolution.

Before Kings and Temples

Ancient landscapes in present-day Israel have revealed astonishing evidence of early human occupation.

The Archaeological Watchlist

Popular Archaeology suggests a select group of sites and projects that readers can follow as archaeologists and other scientists uncover more tantalizing finds bearing on the human past.

Tunneling Through a Sacred Underworld

Archaeologists are piecing together an ancient sacred view of the cosmos at Teotihuacan, where creation, gods, and mortals intersected to legitimize the power of rulers.
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