The Battle-Axe Culture

Who were the Indo-Europeans? Studies shed light on one of archeology’s greatest mysteries.

On the Frontier of an Empire

The Roman fort of Vindolanda in northern England has revealed a fascinating glimpse into the personal lives of people on the cusp between Imperial Rome and indigenous British tribes.

The Rise and Fall of a Maya Polity

Excavations are beginning to provide clues to understanding the rise of divine kingship, urbanization, and collapse at an ancient Maya site in Belize.

Old Vero

A Pleistocene smoking gun in southeast Florida hints at a human presence pre-dating the oldest defined Paleoindian culture in North America.

A Pharaoh’s Nautical Tomb

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient Egyptian nautical theme and the remains of a funerary boat in a pharaonic tomb deep in the desert at Abydos.

Fortress on the Edge of Kingdoms

The site of Ein Hatzeva stands out as a monumental reminder of where an ancient Judaean kingdom staked a strategic foothold.

Where Hominins Became Human

Coastal cave systems in South Africa could hold keys to unraveling the mystery about when and where modern humans were born.

The Opulence Beneath: A Short Pictorial

Archaeologists have revealed rich homes of ancient Jerusalem’s priestly upper crust, from a time when Caiaphas and Jesus walked the Old City’s streets.

King John’s Palace

What archaeology and research has revealed about a lost medieval royal palace in the heart of England's Sherwood Forest.

George Washington’s Forgotten Slaves

A team of archaeologists and volunteers are now uncovering the traces of long-forgotten and nameless graves of many of George Washington’s enslaved servants.

In Search of the Historical Jesus

The recent controversial discoveries, and a renowned scholar’s quest to uncover the historical truth about Jesus of Nazareth.

The Mystery of Flores

Findings from the remarkable hominin remains found on the Island of Flores continue to pique the interest of the scientific world.
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