The Milpa Way

A filmmaker explores how Maya forest gardeners are shedding new light on the ancient Maya collapse.

Ground-Truthing History at Jamestown

In his latest book, author and archaeologist William Kelso explains how archaeology has changed the face of history at the site of America’s first permanent English colony.

Building the Great Pyramid

A radical new concept joins the list of theories that explain how the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed.

Antonia: The Fortress Jerusalem Forgot

A controversial theory challenges long-held tradition and scholarship on the Fortress of Antonia, with game-changing implications for the location of the Jerusalem temple of biblical times.

The Exodus: Myth or History?

In this Viewpoints interview by Ryan Cochrane, one scholar relates his controversial 'New Chronology' and how it supports the historicity of the biblical Exodus.

Syrian Heritage in Crisis

The Syrian Heritage Initiative, the US State Department, and UNESCO work together to save world heritage sites under attack by the Islamic State.

The Resurrection Tomb

The story and central claims of the news-making discoveries of a controversial 1st century tomb in Jerusalem.

Guardians of Heritage

Far beyond strategic military imperatives, the U.S. and Afghanistan have become partners in saving a rich cultural heritage.