Digging the City of Goliath

Like her most famous citizen of the well-known Biblical story, the ancient city of Philistine Gath was big.

New Discoveries at Hippos

Archaeologists have unearthed some enlightening finds at this ancient capital of Hellenistic-Roman culture overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

An Ancient Island

Britain ranks among the most fascinating countries in the world when it comes to its archaeology.

El Mirón and the Red Lady

A Spanish cave and a unique burial offer a tantalizing glimpse on the lives of Ice Age hunter-gatherers in Europe

The Tomb of the Warrior King

The newly discovered tomb and contents of a previously unknown pharaoh shed light on a lost ancient Egyptian dynasty.

Digging in the Yard

Unearthing new history in the shadow of the U.S.'s oldest college building in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Rewriting Human Evolution

Scientists are discovering that the primeval path our ancestors took to becoming human is far more complex than we ever thought.

The Girl in the Cave

The incredible discovery of a submerged ancient Early American skeleton has implications for understanding Native American ancestry and the first peopling of the Americas.

Kurdistan’s 21st Century ‘Gold Rush’

After decades of being shut out of one of the richest archaeological landscapes in the world, teams of archaeologists have poured back into Iraq's Kurdistan. But it could be...
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