Romancing the Stones of Egypt

The Egypt Exploration Society has left a legacy of 130 years of archaeological research, and continues to seek answers to important questions about ancient Egyptian life to this day.

Up From The Ashes

Frozen in time under recorded history's greatest fiery cataclysm, the kingdom of Tambora slowly sees the light of day again.

The Secrets Beneath Copan

Archaeologists tunneling below the monuments of a famous ancient acropolis have unveiled new revelations about a great Maya kingdom.

The Ancient Architects of Sound

Scientists are discovering that the prehistoric builders of the great megaliths created something far more than monuments of stone.

The Road Through Sicevo

Excavations in Serbia are raising questions about early humans in Pleistocene period Europe.

New Discoveries in Egypt

Archaeological excavations at ancient Mendes and the Theban tombs offer fascinating new glimpses of Egypt's ancient past.

From the Sands of Egypt

The discovery of the world's largest trove of ancient writings opened an unparalleled window on a vanished world.

The Minoan Connection

The news-making discoveries that are now emerging from this major archaeological site in Israel.

Ancient Peru: The First Cities

The first installment of our Ancient Peru series relates what archaeology has revealed about its first cities and civilizations.

Of Temples and Goddesses in Malta

Before the Mesopotamian ziggurats and the Egyptian pyramids: the ancient goddess in prehistory and the oldest standing buildings in the world.
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