Before Kings and Temples

Ancient landscapes in present-day Israel have revealed astonishing evidence of early human occupation.

The Archaeological Watchlist

Popular Archaeology suggests a select group of sites and projects that readers can follow as archaeologists and other scientists uncover more tantalizing finds bearing on the human past.

Tunneling Through a Sacred Underworld

Archaeologists are piecing together an ancient sacred view of the cosmos at Teotihuacan, where creation, gods, and mortals intersected to legitimize the power of rulers.

West Coast Rising

Archaeologists excavating at the site of Huaca Prieta are finding that, more than 14,000 years ago, people were living along the northwestern coast of Peru.

Chasing the Sea Peoples

Some scholars claim that an ancient hieroglyphic text may give tantalizing clues to identifying some of the mysterious Sea Peoples and their role in the collapse of Late Bronze...

Discoveries at El Palenque

Archaeologists have uncovered the oldest multifunctional royal palace in Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley.

The Age of Little Foot

Scientists continue the debate surrounding the true age of the famous fossil skeleton discovered at Sterkfontein Caves in South Africa.

Laetoli: The Unfolding Story

Recent 3.66-million-year-old footprint finds at the iconic hominin site of Laetoli may be changing what we know about an ancient human ancestor.
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