Easter Island: What Happened!

The demise of Easter Island's native civilization involved more than destruction of an isolated environment's fragile ecosystem.

Mysteries in Stone

A Report: Monumental structures in Oman attest to a forgotten people.

Celebrating more than a Decade

Now, the entire set of Popular Archaeology Magazine’s top 10 best stories are free for everyone. Read them here.

Revelation on a Train

A scholar relates the story and implications of her remarkable discovery of fragments of a long-lost ancient Greek epic poem.

Trackways of Otero

The latest unequivocal evidence of a human presence more than 20,000 years ago in present-day New Mexico may confirm a changing paradigm on the early settling of the Americas....

The Cataclysm of 1650 BCE

Research shows that a cosmic object from deep space destroyed and incinerated a great ancient city in present-day Jordan.

King of Kings

What scholars now know about ancient Egypt's most celebrated pharaoh, including an interview with renowned archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass.

Unearthing the City of King Midas

The Update: Archaeologists are making new discoveries at Gordion, the legendary capital of the mythologized king who turned everything to gold at his touch.

Filling the Gap at Tel Lachish

New discoveries at Tel Lachish in the Southern Levant are changing what we know about the ancient beginnings of the alphabet.

Early States in the Andes

Even before the oldest pyramids of Egypt were constructed, massive monumental complexes were emerging in ancient Peru.
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