See the archaeology, architecture, and art of northern Spain.

Popular Archaeology Magazine is collaborating with Stone and Compass to develop and offer an exclusive, unique tour of northern Spain — Northern Spain’s Triple A: Archaeology, Architecture, and Art — projected to take place in 2024 or 2025. This first-time-offered, premier tour will highlight visits to some of the most iconic and breathtaking sites featuring the spectacular cultural treasures that northern Spain has to offer, including a full day to visit the fabulous Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos and the famous Atapuerca caves nearby, where a massive number of early human fossils have been unearthed, representing some of the oldest early humans, dating back to more than a million years, that lived in what is today Europe. More specifically, the tour will include visits to places like:

Barcelona, to see the Sagrada Familia, Fundació Joan Miró (showcasing the works of Joan Miró), Montjuic, Temple of Augustus, Barcelona Cathedral, the Gothic Quarter, the Picasso Museum and nearby Montserrat;

Bilbao, to explore the spectacular Guggenheim Museum, the city, and Gaztelugatxe;

Cantabria, to visit the caves of Monte Castillo and Puente Viesgo, and the cave of Altamira and Santillana del Mar.  The caves are where early humans left their cave art tens of thousands of years ago.

Burgos, to visit the Museum of Human Evolution and Atapuerca, as well as Burgos Castle and the Monasterio de las Huelgas.

The tour is expected to last 12 days and is estimated to cost $4,300 per person, which includes the round-trip flight to Barcelona, all meals and lodging, transportation, a tour director and local guides, and all other costs required for access to the sites. There will be $300 additional for single occupancy.

I will be personally participating in this special tour myself, and I look forward to meeting you as a subscriber. If you are interested in this tour, please email us at and express your interest, and we will place you on our correspondence list to receive more information as the tour develops. 

Happy Planning!


Dan McLerran


Popular Archaeology Magazine


Image, top: View of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Javier Alamo, Pixabay

Image, bottom: Bison painting by prehistoric human occupants of Altamira Cave. Janeb13, Pixabay



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