A Sneak Peek at What’s Ahead

The topic lineup for the upcoming Winter 2015 issue of Popular Archaeology.


Picture96croppedStay tuned for the upcoming Winter 2015 issue of Popular Archaeology, to be released in December. Among the exciting premium feature topics for this issue:

1. Archaeologists are unearthing the unwritten story of America’s first English colony. New evidence for the whereabouts of at least some of its lost colonists may be emerging.

2. The tomb of a Mycenaean warrior and its sensational contents open a window on Mycenaean Greece before the sack of Troy.

3. The incredibly preserved finds of the “Pompeii of the Ancient Maya” provide an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of the other 90 percent. 

4. Wailing at the wrong wall? The strange case of the incredible shrinking Fortress Antonia: A new interpretation of the Temple Mount area in Jerusalem may give clues to the Roman fortress that was downsized by tradition and the true location of the Jerusalem temple of Jesus’ time.

5. The intrepid journeys of an archaeologist reveal the face of ancient Tibet’s first great civilization. 

6. And more to come……….



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 This richly illustrated issue includes the following stories: Two remarkable discoveries that are shedding light on human beginnings in Africa; a traveling exhibit and an archaeological site that show how knowledge is more valuable than gold; a Spanish cave and a unique burial that are offering a tantalizing glimpse on the lives of Ice Age hunter-gatherers in Europe; the stunning visual reconstruction of an ancient Roman town; enlightening new finds at a remarkably well-preserved site of ancient Hellenistic-Roman culture overlooking the Sea of Galilee; rare finds that are shedding light on occult practices among ancient Greeks in Sicily; and an overview of the overwhelmingly rich archaeological heritage of Britain. Find it on Amazon.com.