Popular Archaeology Magazine Fall Issue Released

The issue highlights some new discoveries that are changing the face of our past.

Popular Archaeology Magazine is proud to release its new Fall issue on September 1, 2014. This issue will feature developments and discoveries that are changing the way we look at our past. Our main feature story, “Rewriting Human Evolution”, relates how scientists are uncovering evidence that is overturning or reshaping our understanding of how humans evolved; “The Girl in the Cave” relates the story of one major discovery in Mexico’s Yucatan that is shedding new light on the origins of the first Americans; “The Mummy Doctors” highlights the amazing work of conserving and exploring priceless artifacts and mummies of ancient Egypt at the Penn Museum and what we are learning about ancient life-ways (article available to the public); “Merenptah Rising” reveals the Penn Museum’s plans to restore and reinstall the massive throne room of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh (article available to the public); Prof. Christofillis Maggidis writes about new discoveries at the largest Mycenaean citadel in the world (available under a regular free subscription); free-lance writer and archaeologist Rebecca Bradshaw tells us about the emerging new discoveries in Iraqi Kurdistan that are revealing how much we still don’t know about ancient Mesopotamia; and free-lance writer Julie Masis relates the story of wall paintings at the iconic temple of Angkor Wat that went unnoticed by the world…….until now. 

Other stories include book reviews and a video featuring a joint discussion about human evolution by Richard Leakey and Donald Johanson, the most renowned scientists of the field.

The online publication of this issue will be followed later by the ebook version which can be purchased at Amazon.com and a first-time print edition of the magazine for those who wish to subscribe to the print edition.

See the new Fall online issue here.


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