Popular Archaeology Magazine Releases Summer 2015 Issue

lomekwicoverpic4Popular Archaeology Magazine is pleased to announce the release of its Summer 2015 issue. In this issue, readers who subscribe to the magazine will enjoy the following fascinating articles:

1. Straddling the Evolutionary Divide

Two remarkable sites are shedding light on a critical transitional period in human evolution.

2. Seeing the Invisible: Visualizing an Ancient Roman Town

For all to see, scientists and experts have visually reconstructed an ancient Roman town in stunning detail.

3. El Mirón and the Red Lady

A Spanish cave and a unique burial offer a tantalizing glimpse on the lives of Ice Age hunter-gatherers in Europe. 

4. Indiana Jones and the River of Gold

A traveling exhibit and an archaeological site show how knowledge is as valuable as gold.

5. New Discoveries at Hippos

Archaeologists have unearthed some enlightening finds at this ancient capital of Hellenistic-Roman culture overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

6. Walking Dead and Vengeful Spirits

Archaeology opens a window on occult practices among the ancient Greeks in Sicily.   

7. An Ancient Island

Britain ranks among the most fascinating countries in the world when it comes to its archaeology.


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