Popular Archaeology Magazine Releases the Fall 2015 Issue


Popular Archaeology Magazine is pleased to announce the release of its Fall 2015 issue. This richly illustrated issuance contains the following fascinating stories: 

1. Before Kings and Palaces

Archaeologists have uncovered a 9,000-year-old Neolithic town in Turkey, offering a glimpse of life at the dawn of civilization. (A premium article)

2. Royal Bones: Where Lies the Warrior King of Macedon?

Scientists believe they have identified the remains of Philip II of Macedon, the famous Greek warrior king and father of Alexander the Great. But there are skeptics, and the debate rages on. (A premium article)

3. Faces from the Past

How an archaeologist sculptor is bringing bones of the dead back to life, giving us a look at startlingly realistic reconstructions of the faces of people who lived long before us. (A premium article)

4. Digging the City of Goliath

Archaeologists have made big discoveries at Philistine Gath, the hometown of the Biblical King David’s first vanquished foe. (A free article with a regular subscription)

 5. Meadowcroft

Popular Archaeology details an exclusive interview with the renowned archaeologist who uncovered North America’s oldest and longest inhabited early Native American site. (A premium article)

6. Not Quite Neanderthal

Unprecedented discoveries in a Spanish cave are helping scientists redraw the picture of human evolution in Western Europe. (A premium article)

7. Discoveries at Magdala

Archaeologists have unearthed rare finds at a site that witnessed the tumultuous times of Jesus and the First Jewish Revolt. (A free article with a regular subscription)


Plus, two more stories, The Mysterious Chacmool and the Redbox Femur, will soon be added as bonus content. (Both free articles with a regular subscription)  

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We hope you will enjoy these new feature articles, and look forward to any comments or suggestions you may have regarding the current or future content of the magazine.