Popular Archaeology Releases Spring 2015 Issue

spring2015coverfinal6Popular Archaeology Magazine is pleased to announce the release of its Spring 2015 issue. In this issue, readers who subscribe to the magazine as premium members will enjoy the following fascinating articles:

1. The Tomb of the Warrior King

The newly discovered tomb and contents of a previously unknown pharaoh shed light on a lost ancient Egyptian dynasty.

2. Decoding Human Prehistory

How genetics is revolutionizing what we know about human evolution and our prehistoric past.

3. The Exodus: Myth or History?

In this Viewpoints interview, one scholar relates his controversial ‘New Chronology’ and how it supports the historicity of the biblical Exodus. 

4. Digging in the Yard

Unearthing new history in the shadow of the U.S.’s oldest college building in Williamsburg, Virginia.

5. The Legionary Base of the Roman Sixth Ferrata Legion at Legio, Israel

Remains of walls, barracks and artifacts testify to a major 2nd-3rd century CE Roman military presence near ancient Megiddo, Israel.

6. Tel Burna: An Ancient Judean Stronghold

Archaeologists are uncovering evidence of a fortified settlement in the borderland between the kingdoms of ancient Judah and the Philistines.

7. Canaanites and Israelites at Tel ‘Eton, Israel

Archaeologists uncover what may have been an administrative center of ancient Judah.

8. Unearthing an Iron Age Sanctuary in the Mediterranean (public article, free for all)

Excavation of a cyclopean sanctuary promises to shed light on a recent prehistoric island society in Spain’s Balearic Islands.


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