Popular Archaeology Releases Its March 2014 Issue

New exclusive articles continue the online magazine's tradition of providing original, quality content to a growing global readership.


Effective March 1, 2014, Popular Archaeology Magazine publishes its 14th issue as an ongoing, quarterly online publication specializing in archaeology and anthropology-related topics and discoveries. As in past issues, the March issue contains content written by journalists and leading experts in their fields, often about pioneering research or recent discoveries. Some of the articles, such as the piece related to the million-year-old ancient human footprints uncovered in the UK and the Staffordshire Hoard, touch on discoveries that made recent headlines. Others, though less visible in the popular press, present stories that feature equally fascinating discoveries and events.  

Among the new articles published in this issue are the following:

The Mountain Temple of Angkor

Straddling a long-disputed border area, Cambodia’s remote ancient Preah Vihear temple slowly reveals its secrets.

A Taste for Wine

The evidence shows that wine was king in ancient Rome.

The Sea Peoples of the Transjordan

An archaeological site in Jordan yields significant signs of an ancient Mediterranean influence.

Drawing from the Past

Author and scholar Carolyn Boyd relates the discovery and meaning of the incredible rock art of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands.

Footprints in the Silt

The startling discovery of million-year-old human footprints on a beach in the United Kingdom have scientists jumping.

Seeking Answers to an Ancient Mystery

Combining genetic and genealogical research, a young woman relates in her own words her remarkable personal journey through time to rediscover her ancient ancestry.

The Phaistos Disk: A New Approach, Part 6

What does this artifact, unearthed in Crete, have to do with Solomon’s Temple?

Conserving the Staffordshire Hoard

Conservators are unlocking the secrets of the incredible craftsmanship of an unprecedented Anglo-Saxon treasure.

Unearthing the Opulence

A recapture of the historic excavation of America’s iconic 18th century Governor’s Palace at Colonial Williamsburg.