Popular Archaeology Releases New Ebook

New ebook format features stories from recent new discoveries in human evolution to the uncovering of a massive Mycenaean citadel.

Popular Archaeology Magazine has released its latest ebook issue for a worldwide readership.

Arguably the finest issue of Popular Archaeology Magazine to date, this issue tells the story of recent scientific discoveries and new theories that are revolutionizing what we know about human evolution; the discovery of an ancient paleo-indian skeleton in an underwater cave in Mexico that has given new clues about Native American ancestry and the original peopling of the Americas; the discovery and investigation of the largest Mycenaean archaeological site to date; the discovery of new archaeological sites of ancient Mesopotamia in Iraqi’s war-torn Kurdistan; newly discovered hidden paintings on the temple walls of ancient Angkor Wat; the miracles of conservation that are restoring ancient Egyptian mummies and other artifacts of ancient Egypt; and the modern-day resurrection of the great throne room of an Egyptian pharaoh.


earlyamericanspic8From the ebook feature story, The Girl in the Cave: A broad view of Hoyo Negro, the underwater cave in Mexico where an ancient paleo-indian skeleton was found, a find that sheds additional light on the origins of the first Americans. Photo credit: Roberto Chavez Arce


Interested readers may see the new ebook at amazon.com.