Popular Archaeology Releases the Summer 2017 Issue


Popular Archaeology Magazine is pleased to announce the release of the Summer 2017 Issue. In this issue, the following fascinating articles are available:


1. The Extraordinary Case of the San Diego Mastodon (Premium Article)

The in-depth story about the controversial discovery of a 130,000-year-old human presence in Southern California. 


2. A Pharaoh’s Massive Tomb Unveiled (Free to the public)

For the first time, visitors to Egypt will be able to descend 45 meters underground into the ancient tomb of the most famous pharaoh of Abydos. 


3. Rising Star: New Answers, New Questions (Premium Article)

Is Africa’s largest trove of early human remains shedding game-changing light on human origins, or muddying the water?


4. Discoveries at El Palenque (Premium Article)

Archaeologists have uncovered the oldest multifunctional royal palace in Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley.


5. The Age of Little Foot (Premium Article)

Scientists continue the debate surrounding the true age of the famous fossil skeleton discovered at Sterkfontein Caves in South Africa.


6. The Lost Cities of Ethiopia (Free to the public)

Archaeologists and scholars crack the code of the historic Fra Mauro map to find long lost medieval cities in Ethiopia.


And coming soon: The astounding discoveries at Göbekli Tepe


There are amazing discoveries being made almost every day across the world. This issue covers only a few of the biggest stories of recent months. We hope you will enjoy the content, and please feel free to write us at [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 

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