Popular Archaeology Releases Winter 2017 Issue


We are pleased to announce the release of the new Winter 2017 issue of Popular Archaeology Magazine. This issue features new discoveries and restoration related to fascinating ancient Roman sites from Turkey to the United Kingdom, as well as new discoveries at a promising ancient Maya site in Belize and a soon-to-be-published feature article about an emerging early Paleo-Indian site in Florida that may hold clues to a human presence more than 13,000 years ago. Following is a list of the articles featured in this issue: 


1. On the Frontier of an Empire (Premium Article)   

The Roman fort of Vindolanda in northern England has revealed a fascinating glimpse into the personal lives of people on the cusp between Imperial Rome and indigenous British tribes. 


2.  The Rise and Fall of a Maya Polity (Premium Article)

Excavations are beginning to provide clues to understanding the rise of divine kingship, urbanization, and collapse at an ancient Maya site in Belize. 


3.  Old Vero (Premium Article)

COMING SOON: A Pleistocene smoking gun in southeast Florida hints at a human presence pre-dating the oldest defined Paleo-Indian culture in North America.


4.  A Pharaoh’s Nautical Tomb (Public Access)

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient Egyptian nautical theme and the remains of a funerary boat in a pharaonic tomb deep in the desert at Abydos.


5.  Restoring the Glory (Public Access)

A great ancient monumental agora in the mountains of Turkey is set to rise like a phoenix from its ruins.


6.  When in Rome: The Stadium of Domitian (Premium Article)

Archaeological excavations and restoration have made it possible for us to walk through ancient Rome’s first major monumental sports venue.


7.  Digging Deeper (Public Access)

A 21st Century Interpretation of Britain’s only known Roman Circus 



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