Popular Archaeology Summer 2016 Issue Released


Popular Archaeology Magazine is pleased to announce the release of the Summer 2016 issue. This issue includes a major special feature article focusing on the historical Jesus, relating the perspective of a world-renowned scholar of 1st Century Judaism and early Christianity. Also featured is the newly released Popular Archaeology Discovery Edition for 2016, which publishes for the first time in one issue an anthology of the best major feature articles of Popular Archaeology over the past five years. Here is a listing of the articles appearing in this issue:

1. In Search of the Historical Jesus (Premium Article)

The recent controversial discoveries, and a renowned scholar’s quest to uncover the historical truth about Jesus of Nazareth.

2. Five Years of Popular Archaeology 

The Best-of-the-Best feature articles of Popular Archaeology from the past five years.

3. Before Clovis: Ancient Voyages and New Data (Premium Article)

Scientists are shifting their thinking about the first peopling of the Americas.

4. The Mystery of Flores (Premium Article)

Findings from the remarkable hominin remains found on the Island of Flores continue to pique the interest of the scientific world.

5. The Canadian Iceman (Premium Article)

Lessons from the Past: The Story of Kwäday Dän Ts’ìnchi

6. Did our compassion make us human? (Premium Article)

Archaeologist and scholar Penny Spikins agues that compassion and cooperation were driving forces of human evolution.

7. Uncovering the Mediterranean’s Monumental Prehistory: A Taula Sanctuary 

Archaeologists uncover a prehistoric ceremonial structure on the Island of Minorca.


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