The Best Stories of 2019: Editor’s Pick

A look back on 2019: As we leave 2019 and look forward to another year of great articles in 2020, here is an encore of Popular Archaeology’s best stories of 2019!

Unearthing the Secrets of Smith Creek

Excavations are beginning to reveal the evolution of a pre-Columbian mound-builder site in Mississippi.

The First Siberians

Denisova Cave has yielded remarkable new implications and new questions about early humans in Asia.

Hidden Majesty: The Lost Grave of Richard III

Writing for young readers, author Laura Scandiffio relates the detailed story about the remarkable burial discovery of King Richard III and what it says about the real king, beyond the popular accounts and tales of infamy.

Technology One

Scientists are on the trail of discovering the earliest stone tools made by human ancestors in Africa.

1619: Archaeology and the Seeds of a Nation

Archaeological excavations at Jamestown in Virginia are yielding new material finds related to the Western Hemisphere’s first representative government, and the beginnings of slavery in the British colonies.

The North Side Story

In the high plateaus of eastern Algeria, some of the earliest evidence for human stone tool-making is emerging.

Early Americans, Part 1: Artifacts

Part 1 of an anthology of articles focusing on the findings that are informing a new paradigm about the early settling of the Americas.

Early Americans, Part 2: Bones

Fossil evidence bearing on the earliest peopling of the Americas.

Image above: Researchers in the East Chamber, Denisova cave, with (left to right) Michael Shunkov, Katerina Douka, Tom Higham, Maxim Kozlinkin.  (photo credit/copyright Sergey Zelinski, Russian Academy of Sciences).

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