The First Peoples airs on PBS

Documentary series explores the emergence and global dominance of the world's lone surviving human species: Homo sapiens, otherwise known as modern humans.

According to the archaeological and genetic record, some 200,000 years ago the first anatomically and behaviorally modern humans emerged in Africa. Tens of thousands of years later, they migrated out of Africa to eventually colonize the entire planet. How and when did they do this and what was it about this species of human that made it ultimately successful, while other human species became extinct? A televised documentary explores these questions through an examination of the fossil and archaeological record as well as the latest genetic research. It also explores the fascinating recent revelations touching on the evidence that modern humans met and interbred with other human species in the prehistoric past, suggesting the possibility that this mixing helped modern humans survive and thrive as a hybrid of other species.


firstpeoples4Above: Still screenshot from video preview (see YouTube video below)


The documentary, entitled The First Peoples, airs Wednesdays beginning June 24 at 9:00/8:00 central time on PBS. More information can be found at the documentary website.




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