Winter 2015 Issue of Popular Archaeology Released

Eight new major articles on archaeological topics now published.

winter2015coverpicfinalPopular Archaeology Magazine is pleased to announce the release of its latest issue, the Winter 2015 Issue, to begin the upcoming new year. Here is a listing of the new major feature articles, some of which are designated as premium articles for paying subscribers, for a worldwide readership. Two of the premium articles have been published FREE to the public. This latest issue includes the following titles:


1. The Real Indy (FREE Premium Article)

A book and a special exhibit tell the story of a forgotten explorer and his intrepid journey to discover great ancient Arabian cities of the Incense Road.


2. Unearthing the City of King Midas (Premium Article)

Archaeologists are making new discoveries at Gordion, the legendary capital of the ancient Phrygian kingdom.


3. Digging Vampires (Premium Article)

Have archaeologists uncovered ‘vampires’ among the dead?


4. Uncovering the Secrets of Cosma (FREE Premium Article)

Part 1 of a series: In a remote valley in north-central Peru, archaeologists are beginning to peel back the layers of monumental structures that may tell a forgotten story of an ancient people.


5. A Field Report: Preclassic Xnoha (for regular (free) subscribers)

Excavations in 2014 by the Maya Research Program at the ancient Maya site of Xno’ha uncovered Late Preclassic period finds.


6. Digging a Battlefield of American History (for regular (free) subscribers)

The reflections of a volunteer on an archaeological dig.


7. Syrian Heritage in Crisis (for regular (free) subscribers)

The Syrian Heritage Initiative, the US State Department, and UNESCO work together to save world heritage sites under attack by the Islamic State.


8. Countering the Illicit Antiquities Trade (for regular (free) subscribers)

Fighting the illicit trade of antiquities can mean fighting terrorism, and much more.


Premium subscribers may access all premium articles online in back issues extending back to the beginning of 2011.


*Cover photo courtesy American Foundation for the Study of Man and the Arthur M. Sackler, Smithsonian Institution, from the feature article, The Real Indy.