The Forgotten City

This lesser-known ancient Aegean Bronze Age center figured large in the world of its time.

Walking in the Shadow of Vesuvius

A Pictorial Review: Andante Travels treats its guests to a distinctive exploration of the spectacular and opulent playgrounds of ancient Rome’s rich and famous.

The Moses Scroll: Fake or Real?

Some scholars are now questioning the 136-year-old forgery verdict of a remarkable but controversial ancient document.

Moundbuilders, B.C.

Centuries before the construction of the pyramids of Egypt and the Stonehenge circle in England, ancient people began creating massive monumental earthworks in North America.

1619: Archaeology and the Seeds of a Nation

Archaeological excavations at Jamestown in Virginia have yielded new material finds related to the Western Hemisphere’s first representative government, and the beginnings of slavery in the British colonies.
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