Samuel Walker was born and raised in East Africa and subsequently spent fifteen years in the Middle East including Yemen, Israel/West Bank, Jordan, Sudan, and Egypt. He holds a BA in Religious Studies, a BS in Sciences & History, and two Master’s in History (WOU) and Archaeology & Heritage Mgmt. (University of Leicester). He lived in the Western Pacific islands for seven years conducting research on climate change, ecologies, and Micronesian archaeology. Since 2012, Walker has worked in Ethiopia, including establishing the Master’s program in Archaeology for Heritage Management at Aksum University, serving as lead field and supervisory archaeologist, and currently works with St. Mary’s University in Addis Ababa and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT), writing, researching, and developing workshops. His passions include teaching and capacity-building in heritage and tourism. As a top expert in his field, he has presented Ethiopia’s rich and diverse history to dignitaries including Melinda Gates and President G. W. Bush. He has presented on Ethiopian TV, radio, and in published articles. An award-winning author in various genres, he has published for academic, corporate, and government agencies. He is agented for a television series on world heritage. 

The Lost Cities of Ethiopia

Archaeologists and scholars crack the code of the historic Fra Mauro map to find long lost medieval cities in Ethiopia.