Yotam Tepper is a researcher and archaeologist with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), and co-director of excavations at the legionary base at Legio (2013). His PhD dissertation at Tel Aviv University (2015) is devoted to the region of Legio in the Roman Period, with emphasis on the ethno-cultural and religious identities of different groups at the site and the daily lives of both civilians and soldiers. He has directed numerous excavations in Israel, including surveys in the Legio-Megiddo region over the last 15 years. As part of this work, he conducted excavations at Kibbutz Megiddo and the nearby site at Enot [YT19] Nisanit, and his largest such project was a four-year extensive excavation at the Megiddo Prison compound, in which a remarkable Christian Prayer Hall from the 3rd century CE was discovered

Matthew J. Adams is the Dorot Director of the W. F. Albright Institute for Archaeological Research and director of the JVRP. Adams received his PhD in History from the Pennsylvania State University in 2007, specializing in Egyptology and Near Eastern Archaeology. He has directed excavations at several sites in Egypt and Israel. His primary research focus is on the development of urban communities in the third millennium in Egypt and Levant. In addition to directing the JVRP, he is a member of the Penn State excavations at Mendes, Egypt and the Tel Aviv University Megiddo Expedition. He is also president of the non-profit organization American Archaeology Abroad.

Jonathan David is professor of Classics at Gettysburg College, assistant director of the JVRP, and co-director of excavations at the legionary base at Legio (2013). He studies the history and archaeology of ancient Greece broadly, but his particular interests involve earliest historiography and the interconnections between the Graeco-Roman world and the Near East. He has been a regular member at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, a Mellon Foundation research fellow, and a founding member of American Archaeology Abroad.