The Popular Archaeology Discovery Edition e-Book

Now being sold in e-book version, Popular Archaeology’s Discovery Edition is a selection of the best stories published in Popular Archaeology Magazine in past issues, with an emphasis on some of the most significant, groundbreaking, or fascinating discoveries in the fields of archaeology and paleoanthropology and related fields. This newly updated, improved  and expanded edition will take the reader to the amazing discoveries in South Africa that are changing the way scientists are looking at human origins; the discovery and ongoing study of the world’s largest trove of ancient writings discovered in Egypt; new archaeological discoveries bearing on the historicity of the biblical kings David and Solomon; excavations in Jordan that may overturn traditional views about the location and existence of the biblical city of Sodom; the discovery and excavation of a great lost city in Colombia, South America; research that is shedding light on who the last Neanderthals were and where they lived; excavations of the oldest known pyramid tomb in Mesoamerica; the major finds of the Resurrection Tomb in Jerusalem and what it might mean; the amazing finds beneath the great ancient city of Copan in Mesoamerica; the newest discoveries that are overturning  theories about who the first Americans were and where they came from; and much more.

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