Popular Archaeology Magazine Releases New App and Ebook

Popular Archaeology Magazine, an exclusively digital, U.S.-based magazine dedicated to publishing new discoveries, developments and opportunites in archaeology and anthropology for a general and scholarly readership, has released two new versions of its quarterly publication designed for access through smartphones and tablets. The most recent issue, published in June, 2014, features stories about the news-making discoveries related to early humans in the Arabian Peninsula; excavations at a massive Bronze Age city-state site in Jordan; new discoveries at Mycenae, the city of Agamemnon; the excavation and preservation of a lost city in South America; a scientific report on excavations at Sima de las Palomas, a Neanderthal site in Spain; and a scientific report on excavations that have turned up 800,000-year-old early human remains, also in Spain. Readers can access the magazine app at The App and the ebook version at Amazon.com.