Rainforest Kingdoms: The Ancient Maya Under The Canopy

Scholar leads group on a unique visit to iconic ancient Maya sites.

THIS IS NOT AN ORDINARY TOUR. Popular Archaeology is joining forces with Education First International and Dr. Anabel Ford of the MesoAmerican Research Center to host a one-of-kind group visit to iconic ancient Maya sites in Guatemala, Mexico and Belize. We say ‘one-of-a-kind’ because, unlike all other typical tours of ancient Maya sites in Central America, this one is archaeologically intense, visiting 15 ancient May centers in as many days and also focusing on subjects and issues not often touched upon through other more standard tours. Did the ancient Maya civilization really ‘collapse’ at all, as so many scholars have suggested? What is the evidence to suggest otherwise? What new lessons can we learn from the ancient Maya about sustainable living in an age of global climate change? How should the ancient monumental remains of the Maya be properly conserved and studied? Does the new remote sensing technology provide us with the best or ultimate means to uncovering the evidence of what the ancient Maya built and how they lived? These and many other questions and topics will be addressed on the scene by our expert host, Dr. Ford, who will accompany us to a variety of sites, including Tikal, Palenque, Calakmul, Yaxha, Lamanai, El Pilar, and many others, through three countries in Central America. Because of her decades of in-depth and unique research in the world of the ancient Maya, she will provide a perspective unlike what you can find with most other scholars in the field. Read more about her by going to http://www.marc.ucsb.edu/about/director, and by reading her profile at Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anabel_Ford). Whether you have visited many of these ancient sites or not, this travel opportunity promises to provide an experience unlike anything else in this region of the world. The travel group spaces will be limited in number so if you are seriously interested please let us know by sending an email to popularchaeology@gmail.com. The itinerary is now close to completion and the draft program, cost and tentative dates will be sent to you after we hear from you! 



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