The Death Chambers of Herculaneum

Scientists have teased a horrific story from the remains of the ill-fated inhabitants of a once opulent and thriving seaside city of the Roman Empire.

The Cataclysm of 1650 BCE

Research shows that a cosmic object from deep space destroyed and incinerated a great ancient city in present-day Jordan.

Filling the Gap at Tel Lachish

New discoveries at Tel Lachish in the Southern Levant are changing what we know about the ancient beginnings of the alphabet.

The First Wave

Discoveries at multiple sites are shedding new light on the earliest dispersal of modern humans out of Africa.

Uncovering the Early Mycenaeans

Excavations of princely tombs are shedding new light on a formative time before the high florescence of the Mycenaean civilization.

Laetoli: The Unfolding Story

THE UPDATE: 3.66-million-year-old footprint finds at the iconic hominin site of Laetoli may be changing what we know about an ancient human ancestor.

The Tomb of the Griffin Warrior

A rare and rich tomb discovery in Greece opened a window on early Mycenaeans who lived generations before their legendary heroes fought at Troy.

Digging the City of Goliath

Like her most famous citizen of the well-known Biblical story, the ancient city of Philistine Gath was big.

The Tomb of the Warrior King

The newly discovered tomb and contents of a previously unknown pharaoh shed light on a lost ancient Egyptian dynasty.

The Girl in the Cave

The incredible discovery of a submerged ancient Early American skeleton has implications for understanding Native American ancestry and the first peopling of the Americas.

The First Americans

New findings are pushing back the clock and changing current thinking about the people who first inhabited the Americas.

The Resurrection Tomb

The story and central claims of the news-making discoveries of a controversial 1st century tomb in Jerusalem.