Technology One

Scientists are on the trail of discovering the earliest stone tools made by human ancestors in Africa.

Old Vero

A Pleistocene smoking gun in southeast Florida hints at a human presence pre-dating the oldest defined Paleoindian culture in North America.

Rewriting Human Evolution

Scientists are discovering that the primeval path our ancestors took to becoming human is far more complex than we ever thought.

Voice of Clay

The iconic cylinder of Cyrus the Great makes an encore performance.

The Neanthropic Revolution

A number of sites across South Africa may hold the keys to the emergence of the first behaviorally modern humans.

The Minoans of Gournia

Archaeologists have returned to reveal an ancient harbor facility built by the Minoans more than 3,000 years ago.

From the Sands of Egypt

The discovery of the world's largest trove of ancient writings opened an unparalleled window on a vanished world.