Editor’s Pick: The Best of the Best

Here are the most fascinating stories ever published in Popular Archaeology — the Editor’s specially selected reruns.

Not a year goes by before some incredible archaeological discovery is made. Popular Archaeology has published about some of these compelling findings over the years. Here is a select listing, with links for your convenience, of the most fascinating stories published at Popular Archaeology over recent years. Some of them are free to access without a subscription. For those who do not have a subscription, we invite you to subscribe and enjoy the full list offering here. A year’s worth of premium reading is less than the price for lunch!


The Update: Unearthing New Clues to America’s Lost Colony

New archaeological discoveries may help solve two of historic America’s most compelling mysteries: The fate of the “lost colony” and the elusive location of the first English settlement on Roanoke Island.


On the Frontier of an Empire

The Roman fort of Vindolanda in northern England has revealed a fascinating glimpse into the personal lives of people on the cusp between Imperial Rome and indigenous British tribes.


In Search of the Historical Jesus

The recent controversial discoveries, and a renowned scholar’s quest to uncover the historical truth about Jesus of Nazareth.


The Tomb of the Griffin Warrior

A rare and rich tomb discovery in Greece opened a window on early Mycenaeans who lived generations before their legendary heroes fought at Troy.


Faces from the Past

How an archaeologist-sculptor is bringing bones of the dead back to life.


Straddling the Evolutionary Divide

Two remarkable sites are shedding light on a critical transitional period in human evolution.


The Tomb of the Warrior King

The newly discovered tomb and contents of a previously unknown pharaoh shed light on a lost ancient Egyptian dynasty.


The Real Indy

The story of a forgotten explorer and his intrepid journey to discover great ancient Arabian cities of the Incense Road.


The Mummy Doctors

The Penn Museum’s Artifact Lab brings priceless Egyptian artifacts and mummies back to life.


Footprints in the Silt

The startling discovery of million-year-old human footprints on a beach in the United Kingdom has scientists jumping.


Digging into First Century Jerusalem’s Rich and Famous

Archaeology reveals the signs of a priestly family residence of the time of Jesus.


A Murder in Thebes

A look at an ancient cold case: The sensational death of Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses III.


From the Sands of Egypt

The discovery of the world’s largest trove of ancient writings opened an unparalleled window on a vanished world.


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