Arianna Zakrzewski is an intern and writer for Popular Archaeology. She is also a graduate from Rhode Island College with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. She has had an interest in archaeology since elementary school, specifically Egyptology and the Classics. In recent years, she has also gained an interest in historical archaeology, and has spent time in the field working in St. Mary’s City, Maryland, participating in excavation and archival research. Most recently, she completed her MA in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University. She is currently focused on collections management and making archaeological discoveries accessible and exciting to the public.

Invisible Beauty

A new exhibit explores aesthetics and scale In everyday objects of the past at the Penn Museum.

Farmers and Warriors

Researchers suggest how the development of agriculture shaped cooperation, competition and conflict among ancient Native American populations.

African Treasure

Priceless artifacts from Africa tell a story of culture and colonialism.

The Stepped Street of Pontius Pilate

Recent excavations in Jerusalem have uncovered more evidence that the infamous Roman prefect left a lasting visible mark on the city he governed at the time of Jesus.

A New Home for a Sphinx

The move of the massive Sphinx of Ramses II to its new home is one of many changes coming to the Penn Museum in the Fall of 2019.